About BrickZ Realtors -Friday, September 22, 2023
BrickZ Realtors is a Technology Real Estate Property Platform for Buyers to purchase any property with ZERO Brokerage and without the involvement of Brokers. All Properties are with direct owners. Brokers are not allowed on our Platform. No subscription fees to the Buyers. All properties are managed by the Company to maintain accurate information on the website. No Fake Properties.
The new BrickZ Realtors platform is open now for the customers who want to purchase a property without Broker involvement and ZERO Customer commission fee. We are very excited to offer our new range of properties. We will be constantly adding not less than 50 new properties per month so watch for new properties on our site.
Adding 2000 direct owner properties from all over Hyderabad in all the categories together. No Brokerage for any property you purchase through BrickZ Realtors. Yes, Absolutely ZERO Brokerage. We do not allow Brokers on our Platform. If you see a property it is available. We will remove the Property as soon as we come to know that it is sold out. All are genuine verified properties.